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We're adventure guides, artists and team building experts.   Our professional facilitators lead business skills modules, artistic events and adventure treks for organizations,  couples, families and groups of all kinds.   With a statewide network of experts we offer a huge variety of year-round, on-site and off-site activities.  Each event can be customized and scheduled stand-alone or a la carte.  Let us know when, where and what you'd like to do and we'll be there.  Click here to learn more about TrekNetwork or give us a call at 614.264.1272 and we'll put together a proposal.

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The Rock Climbing and Rappelling area in the Hocking State Forest will reopen on Monday, June 15th, 2020.  We are now accepting reservations for rock climbing, rappelling and guided hikes in this designated area for June 15th and later.  Please call 740.777.2579 or book online by selecting the Book Now button below.  Thank you and be well!

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