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Make it a Magical Event with Carroll Baker

Pair magician, Carroll Baker, at your onsite or encounter him on the trail. With over 28 years of experience, Carroll Baker is widely known as an amazing magician.  Self taught and a student and historian of magic, he creates events that draw from over 5,000 tricks running around in his head.  His interactive magic gets group members involved in uniquely impossible ways.   Carroll's advanced planning process gathers cultural background and points of emphasis that you'd like to incorporate and delivers an event that highlights your objectives...or just entertains.  In one example, imagine his magic helping new members of the team gain confidence as they figure out "who they need to trust the most ".   Give us a call at 614.264.1272 or 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal.

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Add an Artist Led Painting Trek

Add art to any group event at any location.  Each painter receives step-by-step instruction on an individual or group mural canvas.  The subject is chosen in advance with everyone selecting a single object or scene to paint from a wide variety of options.  Kids can join parents and help with the family's canvas. 

Large scale mural options are presented as a team events.  The artist creates a sketch across several canvas panels in advance.  On the day of the event, guests paint in small teams on the canvas panels. Company logos can be incorporated.

 Setup, clean up, instruction and all of the materials needed are provided including easels, drop cloth, paints, brushes and canvas.

Customized Team Building Adventure Examples / Options

Another great way to share in team building is through an interactive artistic event.  Options include an artist led group painting  event, a magician led trek to the land of company culture or a group cooking event.  Imagine what Abe Lincoln would have to say about his generals and team work.  Is that a banjo or a violin I hear in that cave?  There are so many ways to customize or just entertain.  Give us a call at 740.777.2579 and we'll help you plan your next event.


Several examples are listed below.  Think of TrekNetwork as a large group of skilled guides, artists and presenters that are at your service.  Pair a team building event with an artistic expression, add a pair of minstrels and create a unique environment where  everyone is free to solidify their experiential learning or just relax in an off site setting and get to know each other better naturally.