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​​​​​​​Practice Environmentally Conscious Climbing 
(via John Bryan State Park website):

  • Minimize trips to the top
  • Do not top-out. Lower down instead
  • Minimize the distances you travel from the cliff to avoid vegetation
  • Leave the area cleaner than it was when you arrived

Call to book a trek or team building event – 614.264.1272 or 740.777.2579

Aa a guide service we meet customers at a designated location nearby and trek from there. The parking lot at John Bryan is an ideal meeting point. 

​​Click the button below to download a map of the rock climbing meeting point at John Bryan State Park.

​​​​Rock Climbing Regulations
(via John Bryan State Park website):

  • Rock climbing is permitted only at designated sites
  • Max. 10 people at a time at each site
  • Climbers must be top roped at all times
  • No lead climbing or bouldering
  • Secure to anchor bolts only. No tying to trees.
  • All climbing sites must be vacated at sunset
  • Climbers must check out before park closes 1/2 hours after sunset

​​​​​Birthday Party Rock Climb:

  • Up to 6 participants, age 10+ ~ $420.00; additional participants $60 each
  • 1 adult per 6 kids required to be present at all times
  • Waivers must be signed in advance by parent/guardian of each participant

You'll meet your guide at the designated parking area, get fitted with shoes and climbing harness and walk to one of several designated climbing sections. Local rules require that climbers will be belayed down. Climbing time will vary based on their strength, desire and technique, but generally, this trek will last about 2.5 hours. Groups are welcome and additional climbing hours are easily arranged.  

​​​​​2.5 Hour Introduction to Rock Climbing Trek:

If you've never scaled a rock in the wild before, you're missing out! Come learn to climb real rocks on our professionally guided treks right here in Ohio! Whether you've tested your skills on an indoor climbing wall or have never even clipped into a rope, we'll set you up with a great guide and gear to teach you the proper top rope climbing techniques. Just bring a sense of adventure! Beginner, intermediate and advanced routes are available.

  • ​​Expert guides
  • All gear is provided
  • Ideal for individuals, friends, out of town guests, couples, families & groups of all kinds ​
  • Maximum Weight - 250lbs, maximum waist size - 42"
  • Ages 6+
  • Reservations are required.
  • Call 740.777.2579 to book your reservation today.

​Click the button below to download a map of the rock climbing meeting point at John Bryan State Park.

​​​​​​​​John Bryan State Park Rock Climbing Treks:

Despite there being very few sites in West Central Ohio that are open to the public for rock climbing, the sport has long been a popular pursuit in the area. Since the late 1960s, locals have been seeking ascents on the steep limestone cliffs that form the gorge for the Little Miami River.  In 1992, designated rock climbing sites were identified in John Bryan State Park, within an hour of Cincinnati and Columbus and within 30 minutes of Dayton. These sites, now available for public climbing, offer terrain for both novices and veterans. See below for the different treks we provide.

​​​​​Pricing Information:

  • $85 / person (includes up to 2 people)
  • Parent / child or just the kids (with parent present)
  • Typical start times are 10 a.m., 1 p.m. or 4 p.m., but can be adjusted to meet your needs

​​​​​Add-On Segments:​ Reservations are firm commitments. We do not cancel or reschedule due to weather forecasts:

  • More climbing
  • Naturalist-led hikes
  • Edible forest presentations
  • Living history presentations

​​​​​Extendo Climb:

  • 4-hour rock climbing trek to multiple locations in the
  • Hocking State Forest 
  • Intermediate, athletic climbers who've climbed with us before or have real rock experience
  • $170 / person (min. 2)