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​​​​​4-Hour Rock Climb & Rappel Combo -
with Amazing Grace Rappels:

  • $170 / person (min. 2)
  • Includes intro to rock climbing plus rappelling 25',
    ​50' and 80'

​​​​​Weather Delay Policy:​​ 

While we do not cancel or reschedule due to weather forecasts, we do stay safe with regards to lightning or heavy rain.  At our discretion, we may pause an event for a weather delay and resume when it has become safe to continue.  

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​​​​​Cancellation Policy:​​ Reservations are firm commitments. 
​We do not cancel or reschedule due to weather forecasts.

  • 2 weeks or more in advance will result in a 20% booking fee
  • Between 2 weeks and 72 hours in advance will result in a 50% charge
  • Within 72 hours of the planned start time will result in 100% charge. We will attempt to reschedule and apply a booking fee to a future booking but will not issue refunds. 

All rock climbing and rappelling treks are provided by
Hocking Hills Adventure Guides LLC. Each trek is a private event. Typical start times are 10 a.m. or 1 p.m. For more info from our dedicated rock climbing & rappelling website, click here

​​​​​​​Rappelling Treks and Combo Climb / Rappel Treks

Calling all adrenaline junkies: come experience the geology, biology and beauty of the Hocking Hills by rope with our popular rappelling trek! Our professional guides will provide all the equipment and expertise for an epic vertical adventure. Just bring your sense of adventure, a camera, some snacks and a friend. 

We're the only company in Ohio with a permit to provide commercial, guided rock climbing or rappelling services in
​the Hocking State Forest.

​​​​​2.5 Hour Introduction to Rappelling -
​Amazing Grace Rappelling Trek

  • $85 / person (min. 2)
  • You'll do a series of rappels including 30', 50' and 90'
  • All gear and instruction provided
  • Lead guides certified by the American Mountain Guide Assoc.

  • Ideal for individuals, couples, families & groups of all kinds
  • Advanced reservations are required
  • Learn climbing technique from a professional rock
    climbing guide

  • Maximum Weight - 250lbs, maximum waist size - 42"
  • Ages 12+ (No actual age limit, kids 12 and older are more likely to be able to step to the edge at the top of the cliff to begin rappelling).  Kids 6 and older frequently rock climb with us.
  • Call 740.777.2579 to make reservations

Our rappelling treks are available year-round per options below.

​​​​​Add-On Segments:

  • Customize your trek by adding segments like:
  • More climbing
  • Rappelling combo, add higher rappels of 50',
    ​80' and a 115' waterfall

  • Naturalist led hikes with edible forest presentation
  • Artistic events like living history, magic and painting
  • Introduction to archery events 

​​​​​5-Hour Big Spring Waterfall Rappelling Trek:

  • $245 / person (min. 2) 
  • You'll start out rappelling 10' to 30' cliffs then move on to 50' to 80' cliffs and finish with Big Spring waterfall descend at 115.'  
  • We meet at Hocking State Forest Rock Climbing and Rappelling Area parking lot on Big Pine Road at least 15 minutes prior to trek start time.

​​​​​​5.5-Hour Climb & Waterfall Rappel:

  • $245 / person (min. 2)
  • Includes intro to rock climbing plus rappelling cliffs of 25' 50', 80' and a 115' waterfall descend

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