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Options Include:

  • Two hour walk with a professional naturalist at a state park or forest, metro park or private property location
  • A three or four hour walk similar to the above, just longer, maybe a little more arm swinging and pace
  • Add trail encounters with a Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain or a Native American
  • Round a corner and be greeted by a live musicians playing bluegrass, brass or a cello and violin
  • Incorporate an intro to archery or survival training module (shelter or fire building, fresh water or edibles)

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Let us help plan your next forest event.  Our on-demand approach makes it easy to choose a date, time and location to meet for a nature trek.  We'll help with the plan and offer several ways to customize your hike.

  • All of our treks are private events
  • Common start times for hikes are 10 a.m., 1 p.m. or 4 p.m.
  • Our schedule is flexible when planned in advance.
  • Reservations are required, advanced notice varies based on the location and season
  • Please call 740.777.2579 with questions or to make a reservation today

​​Trek Network offers a wide variety of nature hikes and forest events for couples, families and groups of all kinds.  The possibilities are endless when you think of our treks as an a la carte menu to choose from.  We can keep it simple and suggest a naturalist led hike or combine and customize a forest event for your team building event, family reunion or any size group at any location across Ohio.  

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