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​​​​​Reasons to Use Third-Party Programming
As A Value Add Service:

Similar to a temp agency, Trek Network delivers on-demand programming for public and private organizations as stand-alone or ongoing programming. We, train staff, deliver nationally recognized certification programs, provide staff augmentation services, fill in for staff who are on leave and ultimately enhance quality of service in a competitive environment.

  1. Using Trek Network to deliver essential programming is a business decision in a competitive, free market
  2. Fresh air during a corporate planning session can foster a more productive perspective 
  3. Unique experiences create a greater appreciation for the organization and group leader/organizer
  4. Group members come away with a different perspective of the their coworkers and the boss  
  5. Adds value to an important program that may not be core program

​​​​​Imagine having an authentic Native American, Abraham Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes, Cy Young or Mark Twain surprise everyone at your event!  

"Campers, staff and guests at Camp Aldersgate talked about our storyteller and his stories for weeks.  He didn't simply entertain, he inspired creative thinking and encouraged everyone listening.  
​As a Camp Director, I have no trouble finding people with entertainment and services to sell... the challenge is often finding someone I want to work with more than once.  Hocking Hills Adventure Trek is a partner we look forward to working with again. The professionalism and personalization of service is refreshing, and to be honest, what I want and expect as a customer."  
​-  Eric Dingler, Camp Director, Camp Aldersgate

​​​​​Our on-the-go naturalist services are ideal for one-time or recurring events at public or private locations, including schools, metro parks, campgrounds, summer camps, scouting, corporate and group activities of all types and sizes.  Topics can vary based on budget, season, subject matter, group type and special needs of the organization. 

"Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum used Hocking Hills Adventure Trek's "Circle of Life" Shawnee storytelling program for all of our 2013 summer sessions. I was amazed at how Wehyehpihehrsehnhwah was able to connect with our students. He commands a respect from the audience that he earns with sincerity and compassion. He's able to bring ancient stories to life and weave in life lessons relevant to today's youth. I highly recommend working with Hocking Hills Adventure Trek if you are looking for a great experience. We will be working with them again in the future."  - Todd Davis, Camp Director, Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum

​​​​​On-demand programming is available year-round anywhere in Ohio and surrounding states. Add an edible forest event on a busy weekend without having to worry about finding someone capable of leading participants safely through the menu. 

"...The naturalist was an excellent instructor who combined teaching with fun in ways that made a great day for all of our campers. On his second trip, I had so many staff volunteering to assist  in his nature hikes that we had to draw names out of a hat to see who got to go. Impressive professional organization, very reasonable cost and easy to work with, we look forward to working with Hocking Hills Adventure Trek again next summer.”  - Dave Devey, Camp Owner, Falcon Camp 

​​​​​​​​On Demand Nature Programming:

Trekking with a professional naturalist is transcendent. It yields a unique experience resulting in a stronger bond between participants. When you walk through the forest with our expert naturalists, you'll not only learn new, amazing things about your natural surroundings, but you'll also discover a deeper appreciation for the organization and group leader who planned the event. 

​We offer on-demand nature programming, guided fishing treks, live bluegrass shows and living history presentations by Abe Lincoln, Cy Young, Sherlock Holmes or Mark Twain anywhere in or near Ohio for individuals or groups of all sizes. Our on-the-go services can be set up for single events or recurring events at public or private locations. Topics can vary based on the season, subject matter, your needs and budget.  

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  • Corporate meeting planners use nature events to create a fresh outlook at off site meetings
  • School groups, family reunions and social gatherings are blown away by the stunning geology, biology and wildlife in our forests
  • Camp program directors investigate new programs for value outside of their core competence
  • Campground operators add programming on busy holiday weekends in a competitive market