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​​Course Length: varies from half-day, full-day and multi-day

​​Instructor: Justin Bowers

Price: Varies based on duration, group size, content, destination and other factors. Call for details.

​​Includes: Varies based on program

Prerequisites: None

Class size: 4-12

​​Age limit: 16+ (minors must be accompanied by a parent at all times)

​​Certification: No certification is earned, this is designed to be a fun, useful learning experience

Survival training modules are booked by calling 740.777.2579

The course is offered as a private event for groups chosen by the customer. We can accommodate half-day, full-day, overnight and multi-day segments related to fire, water, shelter and food.   

Module options include:

  • Psychology of survival
  • Procuring and preparing wild game
  • Primitive fishing tools
  • Design and construction of a survival kit
  • Shelter Making

​​​​​​Our Approach Is Different From Other Survival Training Programs In That:

  • The customer assembles their own private group of participants (friends, colleagues, family)
  • Hands-on instruction and close monitoring and mentoring are part of the program
  • Participants will not be left to fend for themselves in a "sink or swim" environment
  • The addition of other fun Trek Network team building or guided activities make for fun, integrated learning
  1. Using Trek Network to deliver essential programming is a business decision in a competitive, free market
  2. Fresh air during a corporate planning session can foster a more productive perspective 
  3. Unique experiences create a greater appreciation for the organization and group leader/organizer
  4. Group members come away with a different perspective of the their coworkers and the boss  
  5. Adds value to an important program that may not be core program

​​​​​​Each course can be tailored to the group's budget, duration and areas of interest.

Survival training modules are booked by calling 740.777.2579

​​​​​​​​Survival Training Modules
and Customized Combo Events:

If you were stranded in the forest with no food or resources… would you be able to survive? Hocking College instructor Randy Schwarzenberg will make sure you're equipped to build emergency shelters and controlled fires and maintain personal hygiene in a wilderness setting. You'll also learn how to identify edible forests, prepare food and construct your own personal survival kit. 

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