• ​​Covers range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup /repair and how to teach basic steps of shooting
  • Can be taught year round, indoors or outdoors at any public or private location (any private property location can be adapted for indoor or outdoor courses
  • Indoor locations include any 30'x50' room or school gymnasium
  • Public park archery range locations include Hocking HIlls, Millersport, Hebron Lakes Hatchery, Deer Creek and others

​​Participate in target sports. Our guides hold certifications from U.S. Archery, a national organization dedicated to expanding fun, friendly and competitive shooting programs.

Midwest Adventure Training Camp - Ohio FFA / Camp Muskingum May 20 - 22, 2016. Schedule and cost will be released January 2016.

All activities can be combined with other activities.
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US Archery Level 1 Certification Training Course:

The Level 1 Certification Training Course is great for enthusiasts, hobbyists and prospective competitors of any age. It's ideal for youth groups, camp counselors, FFA groups, scouting and adult groups.

Course Length: 1 day (6 to 8 hours including testing)

​Instructor:  Brant Yount, Level 3 USA Archery

​​Price:  $500 for up to four people, $125 for each additional person

​​Location:  Is determined at the time a reservation is made.  This event can be provided anywhere in Ohio or surrounding states, indoors or outdoors, year-round on public or private property.

Intro to Air Rifle (Pellet Gun) — Fun-Based Learning:

Engage your group in a fun, unique air rifle class taught by an expert instructor right in your office, classroom, or wherever you wish. Like archery, air riflery can take place as a temporary setup in a conference room, gym or outdoor space.  Our guides hold the Master Instructor certification from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) (see below for more info) based near Camp Perry in Sandusky, Ohio.

  • Master Instructor is a certification backed by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) based at Camp Perry
  • A two-day training program that can take place anywhere
  • After completing CMP's requirements, Master Instructors are certified to train others 
  • The Master Instructor certificate is provided by CMP, Trek Network LLC does not certify the participant  
  • Can occur anywhere in Ohio or surrounding state, determined at the time the event is planned
  • No prerequisites required​
  • Offered year-round, indoors and outdoors 
  • Public and private archery ranges are available across a wide geography
  • All bows, arrows, targets and gear are included (note: no crossbows are permitted)
  • Participants are taught safety, stance, aim and shooting techniques
  • Archery is a friendly form of shooting competition with national bearing
  • Junior and senior high schools, NCAA athletics and the U.S. Olympic team have archery programs and host competitions

Statutory mission. The federal law enacted in 1996 (Title 36 U. S. Code, 40701-40733) that created the Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety, Inc. (CPRPFS, the formal legal name of the CMP) mandates these key functions for the corporation:

  • To instruct citizens of the United States in marksmanship;
  • To promote practice and safety in the use of firearms;
  • To conduct competitions in the use of firearms and to award trophies, prizes, badges, and other insignia to competitors.

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  • An abbreviated introduction to air rifle with friendly competition
  • Indoors or outdoors, can be provided at many locations across a wide geography
  • A friendly form of shooting competition with national bearing
  • Junior and senior high schools, NCAA and US Olympic team all have air rifle programs
  • Led by a qualified instructor
  • Does not result in a certification
  • Can be combined and customized with other activities 
  • Pricing varies based on group size, location and duration 
  • Call 740.777.2579 for details​

​​​​Introduction to Archery Class:

Learn the basics of archery in this fun beginners' class. Our expert instructors boast can set up a temporary range in a conference room, gym or outdoor space to turn any team building event into an exciting adventure any time of the year.  Our guides hold certifications from U.S. Archery, a national organization dedicated to expanding fun, friendly and competitive shooting programs.

Per the Civilian Marksmanship Program's web page:

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) is a national organization dedicated to training and educating U.S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms and airguns through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. The CMP is a federally chartered 501(c)(3) corporation that places its highest priority on serving youth through gun safety and marksmanship activities that encourage personal growth and build life skills. Links on this page will lead you to more detailed information about the CMP and its programs.

​​The law specifically states: In carrying out the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the corporation shall give priority to activities that benefit firearms safety, training, and competition for youth and that reach as many youth participants as possible.

Target Sports: 

Course Length: 2 days – Day 1: Air rifle range safety operation, set-up, basic shooting technique Day 2: Planning and leading an air rifle competition

Private Event Cost:  $1,200 for up to 4  people, 
​$300 per additional participant

​​Class Size: 15 or less

Age Limit:  18+

*Individuals and groups can also become Master Instructors by attendingMidwest Adventure Training Camp - Ohio FFA / Camp Muskingum May 20 - 22, 2016.  Check back in January 2016 for schedule and pricing​

Call 740.777.2579 for additional details on how to organize a
​private event. 

Includes:  Instruction booklets, bows, arrows and archery range
Participants are welcome to bring their own long bow or compound bow. No cross bows are permitted.

Certification description:  Participants receive USA Archery
​Level 1 certification

​​Certification Period: 3 years, no retesting necessary, just submit renewal paperwork

Age: 16+

Master Instructor Certification -
Camp Riflery Program for Air Rifle

Become a Master Instructor and train others in air riflery yourself. A major contributor to air rifle safety, the Civilian Marksmanship Program hosts many high-profile competitions for junior and senior high school, club and the NCAA. In 2015, CMP shifted to a new model for training and certifications — rather than sending trainers outbound for on-site training, it now offers a train-and-certify program, allowing you to become a Master Instructor and provide training to others on your own. Master Instructors can combine this certification with other local requirements to become qualified coaches, and can start or assist at the local community level with junior high, senior high or club teams.

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