Local guides leading urban and outbound adventures and team building events across Ohio

​​​​​​​Team Building Seminar + Artist Led Group Painting
(4 to 5 Hours or make it a full-day session):

Pair a business skills module an artist led group painting event.  It's a great way to add diversity to group events and can be scheduled year-round.  Art instructors guide participants step by step through the creation of a personal work of art.  Everything needed is provided.   Looking for an added twist?  We'll work with you to lay out a company or group mural that you'll collaborate on to produce something you'll be proud to display in your office.   Give us a call at 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal.

​​​​​Just the Team Building Seminar, Please!
(2-3 Hours):

Rob Davlin facilitates a dynamic, energetic team building event ideal for integrating new staff, advancing working relationships and opening pathways to trust through confidence-building techniques and reflective thinking.   His Eureka Games  method is designed to produce a learning experience that will help groups communicate and function better together. This compact program is available year-round, indoors or outdoors at any location.

Make it a Magical Event with Carroll Baker

Pair magician, Carroll Baker, at your onsite or encounter him on the trail. With over 28 years of experience, Carroll Baker is widely known as an amazing magician.  Self taught and a student and historian of magic, he creates events that draw from over 5,000 tricks running around in his head.  His interactive magic gets group members involved in uniquely impossible ways.   Carroll's advanced planning process gathers cultural background and points of emphasis that you'd like to incorporate and delivers an event that highlights your objectives...or just entertains.  In one example, imagine his magic helping new members of the team gain confidence as they figure out "who they need to trust the most ".   Give us a call at 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal.

​​​​​​​Team Building Seminar + an Edible Forest Trek or an encounter with Silver Wolf, Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, Sherlock Homes, Cy Young or The Wayfarers
(4 to 5 Hours or make it a full-day session):

Get out of town for a day and head to any state park, forest, metro park or private property retreat.  Our guides and facilitators will customize a team building event indoors or outdoors.   Imagine learning stations along the trail.  Around each bend there's a pause and an exercise or a chance encounter with Abraham Lincoln or live bluegrass from The Wayfarers.  Select from a wide range of Trek Network activities.  We'll work together to plan the day and deliver an event that your staff will remember for years to come.  Give us a call at 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal.

Customized Team Building Activities & Seminars

A Different Approach

​​​​​​Combine a Team Building Seminar with Rock Climbing or Rappelling - in Columbus at Scioto Audobon, near Dayton at John Bryan State Park, in Cleveland at Hinckley Reservation's Whipps Ledges or in the Hocking Hills. 

(5 - 6 hours or make a full day of it):

Combine our two way communication with an adventure like rock climbing or rappelling and your staff will remember it as a life changing day of learning, nature and accomplishment.  Our guides are the best in the business.   Add other segments to customize your event further.  Give us a call at 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal!

​​Trek Network takes a different approach to team building. Our programs offer a path to growth that can be varied, customized and expanded.  Business skills modules, outdoor adventures and artistic treks can be scheduled as stand alone events or combined a la carte.  Each activity can be customized to underscore group objectives. 

We'll work with you to create an event that meets your objectives and budget requirements.  With over thirty professional guides, presenters and facilitators, we offer a diverse array of activities and options.  Several examples are listed below. 

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  • Interactive, experiential learning events
  • Staff integration exercises
  • Leadership skills development
  • Effective for organizations at all levels
  • ​​Two way communication seminars
  • On site and off site options
  • ​Customized based on your objectives
  • Available year- round, on-demand at any location

Call to book a trek or team building event – 614.264.1272 or 740.777.2579

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​​​​​​Combine a Team Building Seminar with Archery
(4 - 5 Hours):

Combine a two way communication seminar with an intro to archery and incorporate some fun friendly instruction and competition.   Safety is our number one priority.   Our archery instructors are certified by US Archery and provide everything  needed to help complete beginners enjoy the centuries old tradition of shooting a bow and arrow.   We'll bring the range right to your site or meet at a nearby location.  Archery is a mobile, year-round, indoor or outdoor event.  Give us a call at 740.777.2579 to learn more and request a proposal.